January 25, 2018

Jan Hudson is feeling pained.
January 25, 2018

Observations for today
– being on migraine meds are not a productive way to learn how to do HST’s (how did that even happen???)
– Gina’s generous fabric allowance didn’t take into account just how badly a newbie can screw things up (off to the LQS tomorrow!)
– I’m gonna have to get a bigger ruler
– I do know how to quit when I’m ahead (yeah right! Should have stopped before I marked those HST’s)
– apparently I still can’t read
– I can cut a crooked line with a rotary cutter even using TWO rulers to line things up
– wondering: will hubby make dinner again tonight since I have a headache and stopped quilting???? (maybe I shouldn’t fight the urge to barf)
– I guess I’ve been bitten by the quilting bug since I was excited to try block 3 even though I’m sick
– I shouldn’t buy fabric online on migraine meds since I can remember that I bought some but not what it looked like (why didn’t I order a bigger ruler…or did I?)