February 25, 2018

Observations of the day:
– Before I moved to GA last March, I lived in Humboldt County in Northern California (yes, THAT Humboldt County – the marijuana capital of the world and no, I didn’t partake). It was said in Humboldt that laws were merely suggestions. I think in quilting, while not a law, it is highly suggested that one leave a mistake in a block that is only visible to others after you proudly post it online. This often occurs after you have finished a block, found an error, fixed it, took a picture, found another error and fixed that one as well. Thanks to everyone with this supernatural vision who kindly and subtly point out my errors.
– I have discovered that, given my propensity for cursing while quilting, it is not a good idea to continue to sew when my granddaughters facetime me.
– Yesterday hubby got nine emails denying his permit to hike the John Muir Trail this summer. I think they might be spying on his personal FB page where his crazy friends are encouraging him to engage in civil disobedience. My sister says this hike is a Dateline episode waiting to happen.
– Recently I wrote about making HST’s where I put a wrong side to a right side, marked, sewed, cut and discovered the mistake when I went to press. You’d think after all that, I’d remember to check them before sewing. Nope, not me. I was thinking maybe starting a trend where we leave them instead of ripping them out. We could call it a crazy quilt or something. Underside quilting? Naked blocks? Don’t give a _____ (insert word of your choice here) block? Occupy quilt blocks? Rebel blocks? It could be a sign of prestige or something. Who’s with me?
– Any Walking Dead fans out there? Tonight is the culmination of 8 years of waiting for me – I am NOT a Carl fan. I have on my WD shirt that I got when I went on the WD tour in Senoia where they film. I will sport it proudly tonight at the bowling alley where I WILL beat my brother and will try, and likely fail, to beat Mama. I will be hoping that they don’t cut the yummy Jeffery Dean Morgan’s scenes while milking the Carl fans for all they’re worth. I can’t wait!