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Welcome to Sew Knot Right – the home of the original Observations of the Day

Hi – I’m Jan Hudson and I’ve recently embarked into the world of quilting. It’s not a “little old lady” thing like people may hold a stereotypical viewpoint on. It’s more of an online spectator sport where some of us partake in things like extreme quilting. As in we can get extremely angry with our results or extremely proud. We are almost always extremely supportive to each other. Some quilters are extremely big-hearted and will send fabric and supplies to those who don’t have them. Me? I quilt and proclaim my observations of my art and my life to anyone who wants to read it. I’m a bit quirky, a lot unconventional and not smart enough to realize that a project may be too advanced for me. I make whatever I think “looks cool” and most of the time it works out. But there is a lot of love, swearing and rock ‘n roll going into everything I sew. I was asked by some of the kind people on the NQC Block Challenge Facebook page to start a blog so here goes. I hope you enjoy this journey with me and don’t forget to sign up for email notices for blog updates. Help me become famous – even if it is in my own mind!